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We are not currently recruiting new players. 

However if you are an experienced netball player and would like to be considered in the future for us, please get in touch so we can advise you when we are looking for players.
We are a dedicated competitive adult netball club, based in Putney, South West London, SW15.

Training takes place on Tuesday nights at 8pm on our home courts at the Froebel College campus, Roehampton University.  Sessions are led by our two coaches and consist of fitness, drills and game play. 

We have one team in the Middlesex League, two teams in the Kingston Netball League and a further two teams in the Surrey Netball League.  Players can expect to play a minimum of two competitive games a month depending on their availability. 

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Player testimonial.....

'G'day everyone.  Just your favourite Aussie here.  Just want to let you know  that I think you're all a bunch of rippers.  Fair dinkum, I have never met such a fabulous group of sheilas and you mob are seriously like family to me now .  Thanks for taking me under your wing, even though I can be a galah/ ding bat sometimes.  Also, good on ya for keeping the club up and running, you do an ace job!  When I leave, if any of you want to venture out to Straya (I don't live in the middle of of woop woop so no snakes are there I promise), I will be sure to get the barbie cranking (with snags not shrimp) and you legends can stay as long as you need.  Love you beauties! 

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